Quality Control / Quality Assurance
Quality Control
MadeToOrder™  takes quality very seriously and has taken the following steps to ensure that our clients' resources are well protected:

MadeToOrder has established a written Code of Conduct that all suppliers must sign and display. This MTO Code of Conduct outlines the basic requirements concerning working conditions that must be satisfied by all vendors of MTO. MTO and its principals are free to monitor and supplement these requirements at any time

MTO is committed to a business model based on sound environmental practices and performance. MTO has initiated a program to reduce unnecessary packaging or to use recycled materials whenever possible. MTO actively participates in recycling of outdated catalogs and office wastepaper

The MTO Vendor Compliance Certificate states: Vendors shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations in respect of protecting the environment and maintain procedures for notifying local authorities in the event of an environmental accident resulting from Vendors operations.

MTO provides hard samples of all products, proof approvals and production samples, in order to ensure participation and formal customer approval at every step of the selection, design and procurement process in order to ensure successful communication, insure against errors and surprises. MTO manages the communication, agreement process carefully through the final delivery of the product and the overall success of the event

MTO participates in formal QBR (Quality Performance Reviews) with our clients. Typically those reviews are held
once a quarter or, occasionally, at the end of a particular project. The format of those reviews is designed to meet client specifications.
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