Promotional Products & Branded Apparel
Promotional Products
Successful promotional products do what their name implies, which is to add a dimension of ‘motion’ to your brand. Print, radio, television, and Internet media all offer short-lived brand experiences; promotional items send your brand out into the world to play golf, write a novel, attend an important meeting, or go on a business trip. Tangible objects give your brand body and permanence. 

Corporate and team apparel sales have exploded over the last decade due to the casual environments many organizations have adopted. With this explosion, the corporate apparel industry has made massive changes keeping up with current trends and life styles. Employees and clients can now look good and feel comfortable while becoming a “walking” advertisement.

MadeToOrder™ offers a wide range of apparel options to match anyone’s budget. From t-shirts, golf shirts, and hats, to sweatshirts, jackets, and workout gear, we can fit your corporate team.
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