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Our name says it all, whether it is OEM parts, products for resale, souvenirs or gift with purchase, we find the best source for your brand through manufacturing partners around the globe.  We are experts in managing custom, short run manufacturing.

MadeToOrder™ offers full-service product development and sourcing with the ability to turn a specific idea, or simply a drawing, into a ‘madetoorder’ reality.   Our reputation and size give us the opportunity to work directly with factory representatives to ensure the best price for our clients.  We manage production and shipping from the factory, through customs and to the final destination.

MadeToOrder has developed a strong global sourcing network of suppliers that can manufacture just about any product you may be looking for whether it is a branded promotional product or a specialty gift.  Our network gives us the ability to provide our clients with cost effective solutions and creative products that distinguish their brands.

The MTO team has developed long-term strategic relationships with our entire domestic and international supply chain.  Our supplier Code of Conduct ensures that we can manage and monitor our vendors to maintain a high level of quality, accountability, efficiency, and proprietary pricing necessary for them to meet our criteria.
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