Rod Brown
Rod Brown - CFO

Phone: 925.484.0600 x113
Location: 1244 A Quarry Lane 
  Pleasanton, CA 94566

A surprising fact about me:
I work for my wife.

When I'm not working I am most likely to be:
Traveling, I have visited 23 countries and need to see more.  I enjoy cooking and wines.  I like to brew my own beer and make a fairly good IPA homebrew.  I love the mountains and enjoy skiing.  When time permits I like to boat and do some fishing and crabbing.  Funny as it sounds I like to putz in the garage with cars and tools.  That is also where I keg my home brew and that may have something to do with hanging out the garage.
What I originally thought I’d be when I grew up:
When I was young, in elementary school and later in junior high school, I wanted to be a National Park Service Ranger and work in Yosemite.

Rod began his advertising specialty career in 1979 with Jack Nadel where he was promoted to the management team and then hired away by Idea Man, who needed an experienced manager to open a new office.
Rod helped launch The Harwood Company in 1989 and was part of the management team that helped Harwood grow rapidly from $800,000 to $13 million, moving four times to larger facilities and opening a remote office. Through his experience of building and maintaining sales forces, Rod developed a vision of invested partnership. He created an ISO plan for employees to share in the success of the firm and insisted on an "open book" financial disclosure and involvement of the sales partners in the financial well being of the company. He believes that employees and customers are best served by stability, experience and transparency and the current successful partnership model of MadeToOrder is the result.  Rod has also been instrumental in insisting on the use of leading edge technology to support the changing nature of customer ordering and billing systems.
Today MadeToOrder is a recognized leader in the field serving major clients in the Fortune 1000 with a complete set of web enabled tools coupled with best in class personal service and responsiveness from highly experienced sales partners.
When he has time to relax, Rod loves to cook and coach his sons’ sports teams.

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