Rick Ventimiglia
Rick Ventimiglia - Sales Partner

Phone: 858.831.1474 x104
Email: rick.ventimiglia@madetoorder.com
Location: 7220 Trade Street
  San Diego, CA  92121

A surprising fact about me:
I ran an online business in Antigua for several years.

Favorite place I’ve visited and why:
Antigua where I met my wife Monique.

What I originally thought I’d be when I grew up:
A fireman!

Rick had an enthusiastic start in the promotional industry in 1998, but a rare business opportunity abroad caused the young, adventurous bachelor to go and "test the waters."  However, by 2003, Rick decided that what he wanted to do was return and reestablish himself in this industry  -  and he has been at the top of his game ever since!
Rick accomplishes his goals by translating his cutting-edge, innovative ideas into promoting his client's brands, and does so on time and within budget. Rick and his team work with many of the top companies in Silicon Valley and it is their "can do and make it happen" attitude that has had some of these clients thinking he walks on water -and he would try if it meant getting the job done.

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