Nancy Hakkinen -  Senior Sales Partner

925.484.0600 x102
 Location: 1244A Quarry Lane
  Pleasanton, CA 94566

A surprising fact about me:
If I won the lottery I would probably still sell swag.

When I’m not working I am most likely to be:
Spending time with my daughter, or still working.

What I originally thought I’d be when I grew up:
Julie from the Love Boat.

Nancy entered the working world in the office supply, furniture and printing sector. This proved to be a good career, but not energetic or creative enough for Nancy’s vivacious nature. She landed a position at Market One and inspired to get off to a successful start, she chose Cisco as her target account. Her competitors have never recovered. After achieving super-star status, she joined the Harwood Company and brought Cisco with her. Nancy continued her climb to one of the highest achieving reps in the industry.
Born with a shopping genius, Nancy continually dazzles her clients with an array of chic products and creative programs. Ever the bargain hunter, Nancy has established herself as the queen of deals. She can be seen at her desk, surrounded by catalogs, products and junk food, with a cell phone in one ear, desk phone in the other, one hand on the keyboard and the other waving signals at a team member working to get the perfect item for a specific customer project. Nancy’s abundant energy is infectious and makes doing business with her fun
Nancy has an electrifying personality that turns customers into friends and turns problems into opportunities.  She is a brilliant creative talent at MTO.

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