Kevin Cassidy
Kevin Cassidy - Senior Sales Partner

Phone: 503.641.2273
Location: 15987 SW Parker Road
  Lake Oswego, OR 97035

A surprising fact about me:
I am raising three daughters.

When I’m not working I am most likely to be:
Driving carpool for my kids

What I originally thought I’d be when I grew up:

Kevin began his career in high finance on Wall Street as an investment banker. While maintaining a straight-laced business profile by day, his alter ego cut loose by night as a musician. After 17 years, Kevin could no longer deny the urgings of his right brain and sought a profession that better suited his artistic and creative talents. He joined a friend and helped to ignite one of the largest promotional products companies on the West Coast.
Now as a partner at MTO, Kevin's business is focused in supporting the High-Tech, sporting goods and hospital supply industries. His ever-present concern for the bottom line steered him to the tremendous cost savings of importing items directly for his clients. He has created a number of custom-designed products for major clients, including IHOP, IBM, Adidas, Nike, Xerox and major hospital chains.

In his spare time, Kevin still has the crowds singing his praises as a musician. Kevin fuses intelligence, spirituality, creativity and a twisted sense of humor.

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