Cris Aldridge
Cris Aldridge - Sales Partner

Phone: 925.484.0600 x144
Location: 1244 A Quarry Lane
  Pleasanton, CA 94566

A surprising fact about me:
I danced on Soul Train as a teenager ( No I wasn't a regular ).  I appeared in a Miller Genuine Draft commercial in the late 90's.

When I am not working I am most likely to be:
Working out, playing baseball or some sport.  Hanging out with and/or coaching my sons.

What I originally thought I’d be when I grew up:
A veterinarian or a professional baseball player.

Cris is well known for his ability to work under tight deadlines and in tight spaces without freaking out. The word "impossible" is not in Cris' vocabulary. While working on his advertising degree, Cris did an internship in the advertising specialty industry with a distributor. He was hooked. But he put his business career on hold to pursue his other

Cris played in the minors for awhile, until he decided he needed to get a "real career". He began in the T-shirt biz in Southern California and joined the Harwood Company to work on the IBM team.

Cris quickly moved up to the majors, combining his sales expertise with his sports background. His focus is sports teams, colleges and universities, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Major League Baseball Players Association and Comedy Central.

Cris can be seen running thru the halls, maneuvering his way to score the sale. He is also known as a real dealmaker and will do anything to save his clients a buck.

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