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MadeToOrder™ was founded in 1989 and specializes in the creative sourcing and sales of branded products through the development of long-term customer relationships. We are owned and operated by senior sales executives who each bring over 20 years experience in the industry and who become partners with the marketing departments of our clients. We are experts in delivering cost-effective, high perceived value, customized, MadeToOrder programs, products, service and technologies that often exceed our clients' requirements, specifications and time frames.

MadeToOrder's stability and experience allows us to manage the inevitable challenges of our business to deliver custom results without errors. We have the knowledge and industry savvy to guide clients through generating creative ideas, identifying products, applying design, converting artwork, managing logistics, protecting brand, using technology and delivering successful programs on time and on budget. We create products and programs that help our clients generate revenue, save time and promote their company’s purpose and values.

We do that by understanding the aim of a marketing program, delivering time and money-saving industry expertise and managing logistics. We make sure that our customers are not blindsided by what they don’t know that they don’t know – whether that is Proposition 65 issues in California, the lead content of imported coffee mugs or the number of decisions needed in order to produce a branded water bottle.

Our name is essentially our mission statement – MadeToOrder. MadeToOrder is not just a name, it is a commitment. All of our offerings, from programs and products, to artwork, to technology, to shipping and billing are tailored to support our individual clients’ goals. At MTO we recognize that our clients have many options in choosing a branded products partner and there are other factors besides price that influence the decision. Our clients tell us that "price" does not always equal "cost" and that their relationship with MadeToOrder has both demonstrably saved them money over time and increased the success of their programs.

MadeToOrder is committed to making sure our clients get what they want – incomparable service from a true business partner and great quality product at a fair price.

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